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Only in death did she find the love of her life ...

Victoria Day has learned a lot since becoming a vampire. Like how to drink a human without draining them, how to glamour people to do her bidding, and how to live in fear of the High Vampire Council who have sent a wolf to retrieve her, bringing her to London before the next full moon.

Bryce Galloway thought after one hundred and fifty years of living in exile, the past was finally behind him. All he desires is an immortality with his new mate by his side, existing in peace. He should have known he was always being watched and some wounds are cut so deep, they never quite heal.

Derek MacKenzie, the founder of The Blood Clan, a society of secret vampires who all share Bryce's bloodline has a plan to stop the Council and bring justice to them for their reign of persecution once and for all. Bryce knows before he and Tori journey to London to take down the Council, they first must travel to the city of New Orleans. Only there, with the help of two powerful witches will Victoria be able to unlock her powers, along with the secrets that Bryce has been keeping from her.

In a race against the moon, the couple must see if their love can handle the obstacles that lie before them. Sometimes the most difficult things to overcome, is the past.

And a woman scorned will always seek revenge.

By Kat Daemon
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