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Tori was ready to die. Trade in her life for the unknown, when the unknown found her.

Bryce is a five hundred year old vampire, exiled from his home country after the ancients sentenced his mate to a cruel, tortuous death. Hungry for more than just blood, one taste of Tori and he knew he found his match.

When Bryce offers Tori a life of immortality, she accepts without thinking, only to immediately discover vampire life is not how it was portrayed on television. Startled to understand she has powers that not even her Highland maker possesses, the two become a lethal weapon hunting the streets of New York each night.

Yet they are being watched. When a werewolf attack and an unlikely alliance places the couple on high alert, they begin to see the freedom they enjoyed was not something they truly ever possessed.

Will the two flee from the city they call home, or will they stand their ground and show those that threaten them, they don't bow down to anyone? They know one thing: it will take more than two vampires to win this battle. And sometimes secrets are stronger than alliances.

By Kat Daemon
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